Drow Elf with a bad attitude


strength 12
Dexterity 18*
constitution 10
intelligence 14*
wisdom 15
charisma 9
Perception 12

Dancing lights ((at first level)) (cantrip)
Faerie fire ((at third level)) (spell)
Darkness ((at fifth level)) (spell)

Proficiencies: Rapiers, Short-swords, Hand crossbows, Light armor, Thieves tools

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Animal handling, Athletics, Deception, slight of hand, Stealth

Languages: Elvish, Common (underdark dialect of elvish) Thieves cant

Feats: defensive duelist

1 silvered Rapier
1 Longsword +1 “Talon”
12 Darts
1 Light crossbow
20 Bolt quiver X3
13 Daggers
20 caltrops

1 Set of studded leather armor
1 Boots of elvenkind
1 Gloves of thievery

1 Potion of invisibility
1 potion of flying
1 Potion of healing
1 scroll of augury

3 belt pouches
1 Set of thieves tools
1 Small knife
1 silver knife
1 Map of home city (underdark)
1 Set of common clothes
1 set of nice traveling clothes (mens)
1 flask
1 Set of six knucklebone die
1 set of six rigged knucklebone die
1 Backpack
1000 ball bearings
10 feet of string
1 bell
9 candles
1 small black candle that never burns down and burns with a green flame
1 crowbar
1 hammer
10 pitons
1 hooded lantern
1 flask of oil
1 tinderbox
50 feet of hempen rope X2
1 Grappling hook
embroidered bandana

11 days of rations

1 Pound of apples
1 Pound of sugar
2 full Waterskins (water)
1 full waterskin (ale)

1 component pouch
-bat fur and a drop of pitch

5 Malachite gems (15 GP each)
4 silver goblets. (60 GP each)
2 Garnets (10 GP each)
1 Jeweled eyepatch (50 GP)


My name is Valanthe, I lost my family name when I lost my family. I ran away from my home city in the underdark and mademy way to the surface. I lived on the streets trying to make my way by stealing from those who could afford it, I tried buying some armor and weapons in order to do some honest work, but the blacksmith refused service on the basis that I was Drow. That night I robbed him blind and left town. Fully equipped, I made my way through the wilderness towards the nearest large city. Neverwinter. in Neverwinter, I was offered a job, escort a caravan with a number of other mercenaries.


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