Strength: 12
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 16 *
Wisdom: 15 *
Charisma: 9

1 Wooden shield
1 Scimitar
1 shortbow
20 arrows
1 Set of leather armor
1 Staff
2 Hunting traps
1 set of travellers clothing
embroidered bandana
1 Backpack
1 Messkit
1 Bedroll
1 Tinderbox
10 Torches
1 Waterskin
10 Rations
50 feet of hempen rope
2 potion of healing
1 herbal book
5 opium poppies.
9 spider eyes
3 spider venoms
20 (arrows+1)

Spells known:
wild shape

Druidcraft V,S *
Guidance V,S
Mending V,S,M (lodestone)
Poison spray V,S
Produce flame V,S
Resistance V,S,M (miniature cloak)
Shillelagh V,S,M (mistletoe, shamrock leaf, staff)*
Thorn whip V,S,M (stem of a plant with thorns) *

1st level:
Animal friendship V,S,M (powdered iron)*
Charm person V,S
Create or destroy water V,S,M (water or sand)*
Cure wounds V,S *
Detect magic V,S
Detect poison and disease V,S,M (a yew leaf)
Entangle V,S
Faerie fire V
Fog cloud V,S

Good berry V,S,M ( mistletoe)*
Healing word V

Jump V,S,M (grasshopper leg)
Longstrider V,S,M (pinch of dirt)
Purify food and drink V,S
Speak with animals V,S *
Thunderwave V,S

2nd level spells
Animal messenger V,S,M (morsel of food)
Beast sense
Enhance ability
Find traps
Flame blade
Flaming sphere
Gust of wind
Heat metal
Hold person
Lesser restoration
Locate animals or plants
Locate object
Pass without trace
Protection from poison
Spike growth



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